how to get to bk homestay batukaras

arriving in indonesia

There are many ways to get to Batukaras! Choose according to your budget, time constraints, inclination and if you have a board with you or not.

While Batukaras is remote, the closest airport is just 20 minutes away. Batukaras can also be reached via Bandung, Jakarta and Tasikmalaya Airports. Sidareja is the nearest train station and Cijulang is the nearest bus station. 


Roads in Indonesia are scenic but the journey can be a long and bumpy one.

Bandung and Yogyakarta are great places to visit before or after Batu Karas.


 All transport prices and information as of April 2018.

international arrivals


Soekarno-Hatta Airport Jakarta Terminal 2

Soekarno-Hatta Airport Jakarta Terminal 3

Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta Visa on Arrival

Soekarno-Hatta Airport Jakarta Departures

Soerkano-Hatta Jakarta Airport Domestic


Soekarno-Hatta Airport Jakarta outside Terminal2

The main international arrival points to Indonesia are Jakarta, Bali and Bandung and everyone needs a VISA. There are two main tourist visas, which most of you will be able to get on arrival. The main difference between the two types of tourist visa is that the free 30 day visa is not renewable inside Indonesia while the US$35 social visit visa is.

Have the right money with you and follow the signs after disembarking. Arriving in Soerkarno-Hatta Jakarta at Terminal 3, the budget airline terminal, is way quicker than Terminal 2. We often get through Immigration to find our bags waiting for us at Terminal 3, while you can wait up to an hour for your luggage in Terminal 2, sigh.

For Social Visa holders the great news is that we can arrange your visa renewal for you during your stay in Batukaras without any trouble at all.

Click on these links for more detailed information. Wonderful Indonesia is the official Indonesia tourist page. It has lots of info for the whole archipelago, while Honeycombers gives good arrival advice. It is also a great website on exploring, eating and shopping in Jakarta, Bali and Singapore:

getting to batukaras

By far the easiest way to get to Batukaras from within Indonesia is by PRIVATE CAR.

BK Homestay drivers are polite, experienced and safe drivers and our cars are in good condition.


Private cars are the best option if you are travelling with surfboards and want the freedom to stop enroute to eat, use the toilet or just take in the views. To Batukaras from Jakarta allow 9 hours and from Bandung 5 hours.

We can organise a private car to pick you up at the Meeting Points at Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta, Bandung, Tasik Malaya or Cijulang Airports. We can meet you off the Bandung-Banjar or Yogyarkarta-Sidareja trains. From Banjar it is 3 hours to BK, Tasik Malaya 3 hours and 2 hours from Sidareja.

We can pick you up at. your hotel in Jakarta, Bandung or Jogjakarta.

In Indonesia, it is customary to pay for one meal and provide one drink for the driver.


Our rates range from Rp1,000,000-2,000,000 and include petrol.

However you get to Batukaras, it is

sure to be scenic and interesting.


by air

Tasikmalaya Bandara

Tasikmalaya Airport

Susi Air Halim airport Jakarta

Susiair plane

Susi Air check in

Check in at Halim Airport

VIP at Halim!

SusiAir Halim Jakarta Airport pilots

Expat pilots


Goodbye Jakarta

SusiAir Bandung

Lake near Bandung

Susiair Pangandaran

Getting close

Susiair Nusa Wiru Pangandaran

BK Bay

Susi Air Nusa Wiru Pangandaran

Clear water

SusiAir Nusa Wiru Cijulang

BK Point

Susi Air Nusa Wiru Cijulang

Landing at Nusa Wiru Airport

Cijulang Nusawiru (Pangandaran) Airport is only 20 minutes from Batukaras by bike! It is not a cheap flight, but it is very convenient and there are daily flights from Halim Airport in Jakarta and Bandung City Airport.
Fly daily to/from Jakarta (Rp. 800,000) and to/from Bandung (Rp. 500,000) to Nusa Wiru Airport.
SusiAir is a local airline which uses twin propeller 12 seater planes flown by expat pilots. Run by the dynamic Susi herself, currently the Indonesian Minister for Fishing, the airline was set up to supply Japanese seafood restaurants. This gives you an idea how good the seafood is in Batukaras!
The scenery en route and the experience of flying in a small plane is really worth the trip! It starts when you check-in and have to be weighed. SusiAir charges a surfboard as one person (two if you have an extra long longboard). 
As Halim is a diplomatic airport, delays can occur if there are VIPs flying in or out. Halim - Soekarna Hatta is 1 to 2 hours by taxi.
Nusa Wiru-Batu Karas  by SusiAir bus Rp.80,000 or ojek (call us to book you one) Rp.50,000. It takes 20 minutes by motor bike to get to Batukaras, plus Rp.2,000 toll for the bamboo suspension bridge. Driving by car takes 40 minutes. Please note there are no taxis or ojeks which wait for disembarking passengers.
Another option is to fly to Tasikmalaya from Halim Airport, Jakarta on Batik Air. Tasik is 3 hours from Batukaras. We can collect you or you can take public buses to Cijulang or Panganaran. 
Click on the Susiair or Batik Air icons to book your ticket. Payment can be made using international credit cards.

overland to batukaras

Travel in Indonesia is measured in time not distance and politeness and patience will help you enjoy your journey much more. There will probably be times when you will be waiting without any idea what is happening, but so will others! 

Indonesia is a very polite society. When travelling in public, cover your shoulders and thighs and wear a hat if you don't want to stand out so much. Staring is not polite in Indonesia, so if you catch someone staring at you, feel free to stare right back until they stop ...and then smile to show no hard feelings.


Saying 'Minta tolong' will ensure you get help, but please remember that Indonesians can say what they think you want to hear rather than admit they do not know! If in doubt, ask someone official. 

The pronunciation of 2 consonants to remember: 'c' is pronounced 'ch' eg. Chijulang and 'y' is pronounced 'j' eg. Jogjakarta

Permisi - excuse me

Terimah kasih - thank you

Berapa? - how much?

by train

Yogya-Sideraja train by Wido

Yogya-Sideraja by Wido

Reynan arriving in Sidereja

Reynan arriving in Sidereja

Bandung Train Station

Bandung Train Station

Bandung-Banjar Train


Java Rail route map

Java Rail route map

Winding roads

Yogyakarta train ticket machine

Yogya ticket machine

Sidareja Station

Sidareja Station

Indonesians love to visit friends and relatives and travelling by train is a great way to meet Indonesians, to observe Indoensian town life and to gaze at the beautiful scenery. Executive trains are freezing cold, so we recommend Business Class or Economy Class unless you have a warm jacket with you. Economy trains get food and drink sellers climbing on board and have hard wooden seats.

Yogyakarta - Sidareja has an early morning train. You can easily buy your own ticket at the using the funky red ticket machine in the ticket office or go through an agent. This is a lovely train journey and Sidarja is a pretty 2 hour drive from Pangandaran. 

Bandung - Banjar is another spectacular train ride. Banjar is not a place where you want to arrive late at night without arranging pick up beforehand. 

Click here to book

your train or bus ticket:

by bus

bamboo bridge batukaras swjava

Bamboo Toll Bridge

yogyarkarta pangandaran tourist bus
Gapuraning Rahayu

Gapuraning Rahayu Bus

Economy bus

Budiman Bandung to Pangandaran

Bandung to Pangandaran

City buskers

Kopaja city bus

Kampung Rambutan bus station

Kampung Rambutan food court

Public bus - but don't go to Malang!!

Big buses cross Java at all times of the day and night and from all points North to South, East to West. Buses are for the more intrepid amongst you. They are not for the faint hearted or impatient as very little English will be spoken and schedules can be flexible. However, they are a great way to encounter everyday people and their lives.


Executive buses have air-con and comfy seats while Economy buses are basic but friendly.

The night buses tend to arrive ahead of schedule and are often quiet, but you do miss out on seeing Java as you travel. We recommend buying two economy tickets for long journeys if you have long legs or want to keep your bags with you.

Yogyakarta offers convenient tourist buses to Batukaras. 

First leg:

Jakarta Soerkarno Hatta airport to Bandung on Primajasa bus or else Damri bus to Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal.

Jakarta Kampung Rambutan bus station to Pangandaran on Gapuraning Rahayu Bus (or ask for Cikambulan Bus Terminal. This is where the buses end up, and is closer to BK, but you will need to arrange pick up with us beforehand):

Buses leave from Kampung Rambutan in South-East Jakarta every day around 7am and 8am in the morning and 6 pm and 7pm in the evening. You can get a Damri bus direct from the airport to Kampung Rambutan. Jkt-Pangandaran takes around 8 hours, depending on the traffic.

The price is around Rp.80,000 (Non AC) or Rp.100,000 (AC).

Bandung Leuwipanjang bus station:

Bandung-Pangandaran takes 5 to 7 hours and buses leave early morning and the night bus leaves at 6.00 pm. This is a scenic journey.

Second leg:

Cikambulan Terminal-Batukaras Motorbike taxi (ojek) takes 45 minutes.  Rp.80,000. All the ojek drivers know BK Homestay (pronounced bay kah).


Local buses leave from the road off the south side of the bus station and take around 2 hours. Rp.20,000 

Motorbike taxi (ojek) takes around one hour. Go along the scenic sea roads (say 'lewat Batu Hiu'). Rp90,000

Third leg:

Cijulang-Batukaras by ojek (motorbike taxi) from the bus station. There are no public buses or taxis at Cijulang bus station. 30 minutes. Rp.50,000. You will cross the awesome bamboo suspension bridge, Rp.2,000 toll.

by 'ojek'

At some point in your travels round Indonesia, you will encounter the ojek motorbike taxi. Ojeks are brilliant for going where no public transport exists or it is just that little bit too far to walk. If you are in Jakarta, download the Gojek App and discover how Jakartans make life bearable. It is in English and whatever you want can be brought to your door or be transported to another, by car, motorbike or truck, including you!  

Ojek fares must be negotiated before you get on the bike. Helmets must be worn in cities and towns but are 'optional' elsewhere, Batukaras included.

We understand that things can go wrong enroute and so we can always advise you or collect you   at any point of your journey

.... hopefully with your phone charged!


Click on the car to reach Ali by phone


selamat jalan!

When it is time for you to go, you can go back the same way you came in or go on to a new place. We can help you make plans for your onward journey that suit you and your budget. We can make travel bookings on your behalf and recommend places to go to next and guesthouses to stay at. Have a chat with Doyok or Ali.  

Please review us when you get back home as your feedback lets us know what we are doing well and what we can do better. We hope you will have a great time during your stay and will come back to Batukaras. 

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