L-Pari Cafe & BAKERY: Eat, DRINK & Chill

BK Homestay serves up a great breakfast to all our guests in L-Pari Cafe.

You can choose from Eggs on Toast, Oatmeal with Fruit, Smashed Avocado on Toast, Banana Pancake or Dragronfruit Smoothie Bowl together with Tea or Coffee.

Located right on Legok Pari beach, L-PARI, BK Homestay's cafe and bakery, serves comforting food and refreshing drinks all day long from 7am to 9pm with a welcoming, relaxed vibe. You are sure to meet other friendly people. There is lots of surf chat but if you want to relax quietly and check your emails, that is fine too. 

We offer free WiFi to our customers, but don't be too demanding with the connection's speed..... this is Batukaras and there is a lot of volcanic rock for the signal to get past!

We believe in looking after the ocean and so use bamboo and metal straws at L-Pari and paper, instead of styrofoam, containers for our takeaway meals.


We offer a water bottle filling service and all our plastic aqua bottles are sent to a local recycling centre. 

All our dishes are fresh, homemade and use local, often organic products. We like to keep old favourites while adding new items to tempt you each day. We make our own bread and you can order a whole cake to take away.

We make sure we give you the coldest beer in Batu Karas!

We want you to have the best possible time during your visit to Batukaras. At L-Pari just ask for DOYOK or ALI who will happily pass on their local knowledge with you and make sure you are having the best time possible.

We can arrange day trips and visits, board and bike hire by the day or for your whole stay, as well as booking your onward journey to your next destination. 

We can also help explain any cultural misunderstandings you are experiencing!

BK Homestay

 Surf, Sleep, Eat, Chill