Batukaras longboard right hander advanced surfing point break South West Java
Batukaras learning to surf South West Java
Batukaras Point Break longboard surfing South West Java
Batu Karas surfing South West Java

BatuKaras Point break

Located on Batu Karas main beach, right in front of BK Homestay, Batu Karas Point is a long and mellow right-hander that can roll up to 400 meters with waves from 2 - 5 feet. Hollow bareling takes off at the Point. As Batu Karas is a small bay, you never have to paddle far to reach the line-ups.  

Sheltered by the bay, Batu Karas Point offers fair surfing conditions all year long, although the swell gets more consistent during the dry season from May to October. Early mornings and late afternoons see the best swells. From your room you will be able to see the waves and decide how quick you need to get up!

Batu Karas is already popular among surfers, both locally and globally. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a professional surfer, haven't surfed for a while or have never surfed at all, you can still catch the fun waves of Batu Karas.

Learn To Surf

The best way to get started is in a safe and easy environment, just like Batu Karas. 

For beginners, our patient one on one surf instructors will get you surfing and standing quicker than you thought possible! Batu Karas has a sandy bottom and so falling off the board worries, mate!

We offer board rentals from a day to a month. We will also store your board for you and there is a Ding Repair shop too. 

Batukaras Reef Break surfing Sout West Java
Batukaras Bulak Benda surfing South West Java
Batu Karas surfing South West Java

BatuKaras Reef break

A short walk from the main beach, Batu Karas Reef is a right-hander with an easy takeoff that leads into fast walls unraveling over a lava reef. This high tide spot can produce some real quality, with clean walls to work on your top/bottom turn combo and down-the-line speed reeling to the beach for around 150 meters. Breaks from waist-to-overhead high.

Best season: December to April 

secret spots

For experienced surfers, we can introduce you to some awesome reef breaks and swells reached by car, boat or bike. Whereas BK is mellow, here you will find more challenging conditions. The wave quality is heavy. For more advanced or professional surfers, the waves in Bulak Benda—a mainly right, though sometimes left hander, reef break—can offer some long ramps and tubes, as well as other secret spots along the coast line. 

Best season: December to April

Batukaras Reef Break surfing South West Java

blogs, videos & surf reports on bk

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  • sacha blog logo_edited
  • Hiroko Yoshikawa

'One-Legged Surfer from Batukaras' by SACHA STEVENSON

A unique, humorous independent documentary on one of BK's local surfers by Sacha Stevenson, a popular Youtube Blogger who regularly comments acerbically on her time living in Indonesia.

'Batukaras Surf Trip' by HIROKA YOSHIKAWA

Hiroka is a Japanese Pro-Surfer who is a regular visitor to Batu Karas. This is Hiroka's latest video. 

  • Sidewalk Secrets


Sarah is another surfer who enjoys the vibe and waves of Batu Karas. This high quality video was made by a local company, Batugaras_Bagus, which BK Homestay recommends for both photos and videos of your surfing experience here in BK.

  • Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 13.35.38_edited
  • Nora Adventurism

'Three weeks in Surf Heaven' by ADVENTURISM

This is a great video showing Nora's surfing as well as life in Batukaras for our visitors. We love Nora's title which sums up her time in Batu Karas beautifully.

'11 April Batukaras Beach' by CHING KIM  

Ching had is a keen beginning surfer who is making great progress at Batu Karas. Go Ching!

online info and bk guides

  • Surf-Forecast
  • Wannasurf
  • Magic Seaweed
  • Indosurflife

There are many guides out to there to the surfing in Batukaras.


Surf-Forecast gives up to date detailed seven day surf and weather forecasts for in and around BK. 

Wannasurf has information on tide, swell and wind, a live webcam feed as well as useful info on BK.  

Magic Seaweed has a guide to BK as a surf spot, a weekly forecast, a seasonal report on swell consistency and wind overview as well as good info on other surf spots in Java.

Click on their icons to go straight to their respective surf information pages on Batu Karas.

See sample pages from these sites below:

Magic Seaweed writes about SW Java:
In the dry season, April to October, swells swinging up from the Roaring 40s and Howling 50s march south-west across the Indian Ocean. Combined with south-east trade winds the west of Java around Cimaja holds the most viable options. Sea temperatures remain steady at around 28°C or 82°F. The centre of the island is mainly fringed by offshore islands or treacherous volcanic beaches devoid of surfable reefs. Until G-Land at eastern end holding perhaps the most famous wave in the region. Even during the off season when the trade winds switch to west there are still classic waves to be had at both ends of the island.

and here are your hosts enjoying the bk waves ;-)

Batukaras surfing Sout West Java
Bulak Benda surfing South West Java
Batukaras surfing South West Java

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